The Greensoil Building Innovation Fund (GBIF) is a growth equity fund investing in companies that provide products, services and technologies which make real estate and infrastructure more productive, efficient and sustainable.

Real estate is the world’s largest asset class. Market conditions are rapidly evolving thus creating opportunities for the deployment of new innovative products and services. In today’s market, building owners and tenants are focused on reducing their operating costs and enhancing their performance through the implementation of new cost-effective technologies. This is a huge growth opportunity for companies supplying resource efficient, innovative, products, services and technologies targeting the built environment.

Our investors are primarily real estate owners and developers, and our management team has extensive operational industry and investment experience. The GBIF investment team leverages this industry experience to identify promising sectors, invest, and foster the growth of its portfolio companies.

Our value proposition to investors and growth stage businesses is a unique capacity to de-risk the investment process via pilot projects and demos, and to accelerate the commercial deployment of these businesses through a diverse network of leading real estate customers and other partners.

We are actively seeking companies that match our investment themes.

Our focus

Geographic Focus

Canada and US.

Outstanding Team

Capable and professional management with drive and technology expertise and vision.

Superior Technology

Proven and backed by robust IP knowhow, delivering superior solutions or disrupting a market.

Target Market

Highly relevant to the built environment.

Attractive Market Opportunity

A large and growing target market and the ability to lead it.

Compelling Business Model

A compelling business proposition based on a solid business plan, with rapid growth and superior margins.

Proven Traction

Actual revenue, with significant partnerships

ESG Compliance

Established policies and practices with regard to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Send us information about your company through this link and one of our team members will follow up early as possible.

Why GreenSoil

We understand your business and needs

We have deep domain and investment expertise with professionals from diverse geographic and career backgrounds.

We are uniquely positioned to build value

We leverage our LP base, and extensive real estate network to expand your market opportunities.

We build relationships

We are a team made up of trustworthy, reliable and dependable partners.

De-Risked Investment Process


GBIF is managed by a team of seasoned professionals with deep expertise and experience in real estate management and development, private equity investing, fund management, board governance, and business development. The team has an extensive network of leading real estate owners, operators, developers and industry players in North America and is supported by an expert advisory board. The key members of the management team are as follows:


Alan Greenberg

Co-Founder and Chairman

Susan J. McArthur

Managing Partner

Jamie James

Managing Partner

Gideon Soesman

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Robert Smith

GBIS VP Consulting

GBIF Advisory Board

Our Portfolio

for more information contact Jamie James or Robert Smith via

GreenSoil Building Innovation Services (GBIS)

GBIF’s overall value proposition is enhanced by a dedicated team of innovation and technical experts. By leveraging GBIF’s real estate network, this team helps us to de-risk investment opportunities on the front-end of our process; and to build value for our portfolio companies by facilitating procurement of their products, services and platforms.

GBIF’s technical team also anchors an Innovation Hub with value add strategic partners, such as Tower Labs, a Toronto-based non-profit green building technology accelerator.

Our core services:

  • Evaluating building innovations
  • Managing pilot and demonstration projects
  • Facilitating procurement from portfolio companies for real estate partners & the general real estate market
  • Conducting audits and feasibility studies
  • Helping real estate companies achieve their sustainability objectives

Our Innovation Team

Robert Smith – A seasoned building energy management professional, sustainability expert and green building technology advocate.

Jamie James – A green building technology adopter, facilitator and investor since 2000.

For More information about our portfolio companies and innovation services, please contact:

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